A couple of months ago I was searching sites on the Internet for either a decently priced new or used Fiesta ST. One Thursday evening I was curious about a 2015 ST that was in my extended ‘too far but would consider the drive” search area, located in Nashville. This vehicle had only 57 miles on the clock and was about 2 grand under the price of a new ST with incentives: not a bad deal.

The dealership photos were not particularly good quality, but showed a car that was apparently Performance Blue. Not my favourite colour, but one that I would consider.

What piqued my interest, though, were the seats: white and black leather Recaro with black inserts.

They don’t make anything like that for the ST. The choices for Recaro seats are either orange and black or grey and black. I thought that perhaps someone had put Focus ST seats in the car, but an image search showed that those didn’t exist either in this particular colour combination. In fact, I was not finding anything that looked like the seats in this car.


Then I noticed that the steering wheel in the dealership pictures also seemed slightly unusual. Leather and something else - perhaps suede/alcantara - but with contrasting white stitching. That’s different, too. It was an image search for “2015 fiesta st steering wheel stitching” that provided the answer. In amongst the many pictures of steering wheels there were two pictures of a bright blue car. One of these pictures showed the car interior; it had the white and black leather Recaro seats.

Photo credit - J_Westy @ fiestastforum.com

This picture was from a post on one of the Fiesta ST forums discussing a car shown at the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan.


At the launch of the Ford GT painted in the new Liquid Blue colour, Ford painted four other vehicles in that Ford Performance signature colour - a Mustang GT350R, a F150 Raptor, a Focus ST, and a Fiesta ST. Patrick George wrote an article on it here:

It was looking like this Nashville car could very well be the auto show car. Aside from the obvious unique physical aspects of the interior of the vehicle, the build date shown on the VIN plate in the dealer photo matched up, the CARFAX suggested Ford corporate ownership, and delivery mileage on the 18 month old car indicated a vehicle that was only ever trailered around to auto shows across the nation.


Although the pictures on the dealer website did not suggest the unique colour that articles from the auto show were depicting, the price was right, and I already had funds lined up. I emailed the dealer first thing the next day, got a phone call about an hour later, and discussed the vehicle over the phone. One point made was that the vehicle was already heading back to a dealer auction - so if I wanted it, I would have to move quickly.

The salesman sent me a link which had some much more detailed pictures of the car. It looked amazing.


Unfortunately I was not quick enough to make a decision on the vehicle. The deal fell through, and the vehicle headed back to the auction house.

I looked at other cars over the next few weeks but none stood out like this car. I would have purchased a Molten Orange ST for the right price, but there were none on any of the dealer lots in my area and the alternatives were not that appealing to me. I resolved to either wait for a good deal on a colour that I didn’t particularly care for, or to order a Molten Orange. Time passed. I still checked the VIN of the blue car occasionally to see if it would show up elsewhere. At one point the CARFAX hinted that it might show up at a dealer in Dallas, Texas. I checked their website for a couple of weeks, but ultimately that lead amounted to nothing.

Finally a couple of weeks ago I heard that, lucky for me, the car was acquired by a local Ford dealership only ten miles from my house. I headed there as soon as I had found out, ready to see the car and hopefully make a deal.


I don’t normally get excited, but on the drive to the dealership I was very much excited and likely willing to overpay for this car. When I arrived, the car was right there in the parking lot. It looked incredible in the sunlight and even better than in the auto show pictures: Liquid Blue is a very unique colour. I spent a few minutes looking over the car and knew that I was going to buy it, cost be damned.

As I discussed the car with the salesman I certainly had to temper my enthusiasm. The dealership employees had no idea that this was a special vehicle or really anything other than a regular Fiesta ST, but they for sure were not going to let the vehicle go for a cheap price. However, I was there, ready to buy and provide them with an immediate profit on a vehicle that had only just arrived. Within ten minutes I had made the deal, and the next day I drove the car home. The car is great, and I plan to drive the tits off it.

So, that’s how I ended up with a one-off Fiesta ST. Apparently you can have that gorgeous shade of Ford GT Blue.