Social observation after the jump.

Viper roadster for sale at a Mitsubishi dealer. Because why not?

I had an experience that totally reminded me why wholesome, churchgoing, suburban white people tend not to be close friends of mine. I took my niece to a classmate’s birthday party and the adults actively avoided me and my wife. This seemed to happen right after we mentioned that we were “uncle Steve, and aunt Christie” and that my niece’s mom was with her girlfriend. They were prepping for my niece’s birthday party.

I tried to make conversation with a few people but we were shunned when they found out we were with the lesbian’s kid. They were fine to our niece though. That was a relief.

Close-cropped beards (even on the women), camo ball caps, barbed wire tattoos, and cargo shorts all over. And they seemed to all be driving $50,000 pickup trucks.

These are the kinds of people who would call me a fag for driving a jeep that isn’t lifted.


I want none of that.

Send me to live among the freaks. Leave me with the artists, musicians, authors and poets. Let me commune with the queers, crazies, runts, and misfits. These are my people.