I met up with Daender and some of his friends to go drive some mountain roads. There were 6 of us total: 4 Miatas, myself, in the E92, and a Focus, just a standard one.

My decision to take the 328i over the M3 might seem like a curious one, but I wasn’t sure the weather was going to hold up and the tires on the 3 are a lot better to handle cold wet roads than the ones on the M3. Additionally, I didn’t think I’d need the power of the M3 to keep up with the Miatas. I believe this was the correct decision in the end; it was slightly damp but more to the point, I didn’t have a problem keeping up with the pack of Miatas. Whether this was because I had adequate power or they weren’t pushing too hard, I won’t know. I’m sure the 245 section on the front wheels also helped; the 3 came with 225 section tires from the factory.


I had a blast, drove for around 7 hours and had an absolute blast.

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