Only because the one they had on the lot was red and had a sunroof. I refuse to own a car with a sunroof and the next STI that I purchase will be WR blue. I didn't take any pictures and didn't bother to so much as sit in it. Mostly out of self preservation. I don't think Mrs. Finn would have been impressed with me coming home in a new car a week before Christmas, and since I'm weak that might have happened. I will say that it is a very good looking car in person. IMO it looks good in pictures and I've never seen why people complain about it being ugly. It looks so much smaller and better than the last gen. The last gen looks puffy to me and this looks angular and purposeful.

I'm sort of glad that they didn't have a blue one without a sunroof on the lot because that might have lead to an uncomfortable conversation when I got home.
"So, is your car all serviced?"
"I think so."
"What do you mean, you think so?"
"I assume they are going to service it before they sell it."
"What do you mean, before they sell it?"
"Surprise, I traded it in."

Seriously, if I were to get one it would be a blue STI with the short throw shifter, all weather floor mats and the homelink mirror. Those are the only options I would need. The one on the lot was a limited, but the same color as this picture that I stole from the Cnet review. Which you should read for the lulz. "It has five differentials."