Also, the first off road outing of this MWD Jeep GC... that I didn’t film.

I took a video of the highway using a go pro, but the videos came out corrupted or something? I don’t know... I couldn’t open them on windows or mac... but on my way back I do want to film it and show ya’ll the beautiful highway trip involved in getting here.

Funnily enough this jeep is not using the factory air suspension, it has fixed springs and dampers.


Some say that if you melt all the fake chrome off an FCA product, you could supply Pimp My Ride for an entire season.
ANOTHER JEEP, though the one to the right has actually seen trails. Also the people I’m staying with also have a CJ jeep, but it’s being serviced.
I swear this road is steeper than it looks.
These people also have a Peugeot bicycle?!? Amazing!