but I didn’t have to trade my wife or daughter for it.

1975 Citroen DS 20 Break (it may be a Safari version or it may be a Commercial; more on that later.)

It’s a proper four-speed but with the mushroom/automatic brakes. Needs paint, badly and minimal welding. Needs a battery, new fuel line and exhaust. And the brakes don’t work. Eventually it will be road-legal. The plan is to get it road-legal/CT’d by the end of May, and eventually send it to the paint shop over winter.

I trailered it the 173km home across the southern part of Belgium. With my 2002 BMW 520d. Which probably broke all kinds of laws and weight limits, but I made it home after being stuck in traffic due to striking truckers blocking the motorway. What should have been under a 2 hour journey was almost 4 hours.

Oh, you don’t care about that. Here are some photos. I paid less for the DS than I did the 520, and I only paid 2250 EUR for the 520. Then again, the 520 was road-worthy and had a CT. This clearly doesn’t.

I was told that this was a “Commercial” break, meaning that there were no 3rd row seats and that the cargo area had a special flat piece for hauling things. This fits with some of the other features of the car; it looks like there are support posts for a massive overhead roof rack. I took apart the rear of the car; instead of a metal floor it was plywood (not factory) and there seem to be brackets for the folding rear seats that sit sideways. It may have been used as a commercial vehicle, but it isn’t the Commercial variant.