Yesterday I spent a little time on the Raider

I changed the alternator and fan/water pump belt, which was shedding rubber and intermittently squealing horribly. I did find that the alternator pulley squeaks a little when you spin it, so I won’t be surprised if the horrible squeal comes back. The alternator is under the AC compressor for some reason, and impossible to remove from above. Yay.


I also have a leaking exhaust manifold to pipe flange gasket, and I got a replacement, so I doused the bolts in liquid wrench, but there’s so little room to get leverage on them that I gave up. I’ll try again today, but I might pass that job onto the muffler shop that I’ll be tasking with making this thing drone less on the highway.

Finally, I took the spare tire cover off, and discovered what is probably the original spare. I was also surprised to see another alloy, instead of a steelie.


Luckily this thing unlocks with the ignition key


Cover back on for now, to keep protecting my vintage Michelin. So yeah, there’s your very small Raider update. Oh and last weekend I finally put the sway bar bracket/clamp on, so now it turns left just as well as it turns right.

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