Yesterday I was the only person at work

Quite possibly the most fun I’ve ever had while being paid. Music blasting, fireworks in the background. Ended up working 12 hours organizing, and designing more robust systems for the company. End result is the shop side of the garage is finally usable! Woo-hoo! Before and after pictures below...

Still a ton of room for improvement, but oh man you should have seen it when I first arrived three months ago. The below “before” pic is actually AFTER a solid three hour clean.


Two questions. One... Is there a good way to handle sawdust from the old school table saw..? This thing’s older than me but built like a GD tank. There are absolutely zero safeties of any kind, so you know if was built in a different time... Dangerous but man is it quick to do a few cuts. I love it, but it gets sawdust everywhere.

Question two! Any bright ideas for organizing the “raw meterials” section?


And because you’re all so great, I’ll leave you with a fantastic way to spend your money. Whalen makes the absolute best shelving units I’ve had the pleasure of using. These things will outlive you. And... Costco will ship two straight to your door. I’ve got two already and just ordered two more.


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