...but we had "reasons". As you can see by my excellent paint drawing, I have drawn my apartment building and it's associated cars. The 3 cars behind the building are resident cars. The long one, is "big bro truck". Big bro truck is owned by Mark. Mark is a cool dude, he collected my mail when I was gone, and I jump started his truck when it was dead, so we have a good relationship.

The other two cars in the back are owned by the people at the top. The woman is nice although I forget her name.


When we came home last night in addition to residents cars in the back, there was also car #2 and car #1. Me being car #3...I usually park where cars #1 and #2 are, since I live here and that's my spot.

Anyways when I came home and both cars #1 and #2 were here I went to visit the woman who lives at the top so we could move #2 and I could park in my space. The woman's boyfriend indicated he was car #1 and he had made sure to leave me enough room so I could park where #2 is, and they didn't know whose car #2 was. Very well. I knocked on Mark's door and noone came. There are other apartments, but I don't know the people in them and their doors are behind a locked door I don't have keys to.


So therefore I took car #3 (my 03 Cavalier rice rocket) and wedged ourself in between car #2 and the building. (correction: hedge). That my rear door was mere inches from #2's drivers door....was not my problem.

When we came back later, car #2 was gone. Guess they had to get in the passenger side. What a shame. WUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

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