Yesterday out side of church...

Walking out of church yesterday (we have our Sunday gathering at a local High School auditorium), parked on the street was a yellow Lamborghini Gallardo Superlaggera LP570-4. It didn’t belong to anyone in our congregation, but instead someone visiting a house across the street.

My wife and I had an interesting coversation about it. Our city (Tacoma, WA) isn’t a ritzy city, and the roads are especially bad - lots of rough roads and potholes. She said she’d never want to own a car like that in Tacoma. “Would you?”


I agreed. But it got me thinking.... what exotic car would I drive in Tacoma? (or similar city)

This morning, it came to me. Singer Porsche 911.

Gorgeous, understated, and incredible to drive (so I’ve heard). Maybe someday.

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