Yesterday’s dealing with the Sunbird was an ice cream cone in the dirt.

Swapped cassette players with the one I got on eBay. Promptly broke the eBay one with a junky tape adapter that fell apart inside it. Deconstructed both the original broken and unplugged cassette player and the eBay one to see how they work and if I could fix either of them. Negative.

Swapped radios to see if that would cure the super quiet stereo. Nope. Apparently, there’s a factory amplifier somewhere in the dash that is bad. I’m not eager to take the dash apart again anytime soon after yesterday’s dealings, so that’ll just have to wait.

I did take it for a little cruise and get some pictures, though.


Got the serpentine belt and a/c belt in the mail, too. So, those will be going on soon.

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