So, this is why it's illegal to make a left turn off of Lamar into Whole Foods downtown. Oncoming traffic (like me) comes out of an underpass, doesn't have the greatest visibility as they cross 5th Street and doesn't like that very much.

I'm a little achey, but otherwise okay. I could even drive the car away, albeit slowly because the hood would start shaking where it was buckled up at speeds higher than 35 MPH or so. I'd tossed the bumper in my trunk so that everything in the front was exposed anyway, plus I could've sworn I smelled coolant a couple times, too.

This, of course, is why putting important things like engines in the front of a car is a stupid idea: Austin drivers.


I'm pretty sure the Lulzcer's loltruck brakes kept me from hitting the other car hard enough to pop my airbags, but the loaner I have is a '12 Jetta with ZERO feeling from the brake pedal at all. ZERO. Way to make a person who's now paranoid about stopping feel right at home, VW. It's totally numb. I got more feedback from the Type 3's drum brakes, for Pete's sake. Can I have another Type 3?

This sucks.