A friend of mine texted me Tuesday saying that he had gifts for me. I'm like, where is the catch? He told me none and to just come to his house tomorrow. So yesterday I go there, he gives me 2 sets of shoulder pads, 1 set foamy and a leather set that he got for free which is pretty cool! Then he gave me a Ballistic phone case for my LG G2 that he won the day before! I was more than happy!

We then went to eat and we saw this funky thing. I don't even know what it is!

We then got back to his appartment and I left my NC on the appartment complex owner's driveway. His friend in a almost new GLK shows up and the two old men took interest in my NC, which struck a conversation between me and them. The owner wanted a car like mine and took a seat but he was too tall. His friend was actually looking at a 2002 miata with 19000 kms fully equiped for 8k which is a steal here! We kept talking for hours while they cleaned up and waxed the GLK and then he showed me his 100000km prestine 1987 190E 2.3. It was beautiful!! He had a Tiguan too and showed me his collection of 1/8 RC planes that he build from scratch. The guy had pretty awesome stories about the RC club he used to go until it ended, like a guy that came to the event in a real bell helicopter to play with his RC bell helicopters or some guy using a whole truck bed to transport his plane that was 1/3 scale. Never thought my evening would turn this way, we even took beer together and they told me to pass by more often. I probably will. :D