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Yesterday's car problem:Not a parasitic draw.

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Couldn’t find Draw, (dome light bulb removed, aftermarket stuff disconnected, superchoke, foglights, stereo.) I did find that the battery is only at 12.5 volts hot off the charger, good enought to start a smallblock, but should be at or over 13 hot off the charger.


On startup, the alternator (old style) put out a healthy 14 volts. Then 14.5 then 15 then 15.75 and upward to 16 and beyond. TOO SPICY! so I’m going back with a known working (from my Malibu) to see if we can get that under control. I thing the overcharge has internally damaged the battery and it still functions while self discharging. That’s the theory I’m working with. Also it’s refreshing to see a 70 1/2 Camaro that hasn’t become a z/28 or ss/rs.  You can’t even find a picture of one on google images.

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