Conditions: 45* with rain until noon. First heat was soaking wet with up to an inch of standing water on parts of the course. Second heat had no standing water, only mildly damp by the end.
I ran in the first heat (the massively wet one) with my race tires. My best time was my third run of six. Fourth run was a crap run, fifth was epic until I hit one cone, and my sixth was equally epic with no cones until I came in too hot out of a fast section and couldn't slow down fast enough to make a tight gate. That lap would have been over a second faster, but oh well. Second heat got crazy lucky with it being dry and all. That's racing.

I came in second of 10 in my class, 11th of 37 overall.

The guy in my class that beat me was a Miata with a 64.8
FTD was 62.3 (Sti), my time was 67.5, slowest was 87.5 (Miata)

Rain sucks ass. Though Toyo Proxes R888's are surprisingly good in the wet it must be said.