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Yet Another Autocross From Last Weekend (KC + KS SCCA @ Heartland Park)

Wrapped up my Autocross season with another 2 day event at Heartland Park Topeka. I had a shot at winning STR class for the year if I won both days, but given my record against the two quick M3 drivers in my class, it wasn’t going to be likely. Again, pardon the shoddy camera mount.


3rd place STR (of 9) and 16th overall PAX (of 116). For the first time ever, my first run was my fastest. Everything just lined up well and I couldn’t find a good way to consistently push any faster without making a small mistake elsewhere that negated it. All of the other runs were just a few tenths or hundredths behind, including all of my additional fun runs after the event had concluded.



Basically a repeat of Saturday, but better. 2nd place STR (of 9) and 12th overall PAX (of 111). I did get one much better run in at the end but spun my way through the finish and took out some cones afterwards (which still count). The time I got still wouldn’t have won me the class, but it would have at least bumped me up a few spots overall. Oh well. Video of that run below:

There’s one more event in the region, but my upcoming trip to Japan unfortunately overlaps with it, making my end-of-year championship points settled for the most part. If the faster of the two M3 drivers shows up to that event, I’ll get pushed down to 2nd in STR, but thankfully nobody else can catch me at this point. Overall PAX will depend on how a few other drivers do at the last event, but my best guess at this point puts me around 7th. Not too bad for my second year of doing this.

The fiance with his D Street FR-S came away with yet another strong finish in Novice class (which runs purely off of PAX). He won it on Saturday and took 2nd on Saturday out of about 20 drivers. He has enough points to win Novice class for the year, but unfortunately not enough events to qualify for a trophy. He keeps making some decent fundamental improvements with each event but is still about 1-3 seconds behind the fastest regular drivers in DS, so next year for him should be a pretty good challenge.

As for my next year, the plan is to run the NC again since it’s been decently competitive. I’ll definitely hop in the Exocet for test/non-points events to feel it out (since rain ruined my only chance last month) and see about transitioning into it the year after.


Bonus “Holden SSV” for your time. Unfortunately it didn’t participate.


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