...but not quite the usual one.

Thing is, I’m somewhat running out of patience with this friend. Changes minds constantly, when I ask him his budget he gives me unrealistic numbers and/or unworkable constraints. Subject here currently drives a Range Rover Sport or Mercedes ML63 interchanging it between. Range Rover is a lease and ML used to be lease but he bought it out. Used to have a E39 530i, but I think he dumped it lately.

  • He started asking me about cars almost more than a year ago. Started off talking about maybe getting an M3 or M4, but gave up on the idea, saying it was “common.” (It sort of is, in my area, a lot of rich kids got their parents to get them one)
  • Rapidly changing to an Audi R8 V10 with a stick shift. Tried convincing him out of it, since he’s not exactly the best driver out there, I don’t want to end up seeing him in a cars and coffee-esque video. Plus he JUST learned manual with nearly no experience, so an MR car with 525hp is probably way too much for him.
  • While looking at the R8 he kept going on and on about the Aventador, but I know he wouldn’t.
  • Started sending me messages about the Ferrari California T, but again I knew he wouldn’t get it.
  • Suggested he look at the Vantage GT, it was a bit better value than the Audi and not as powerful. He ended up calling the dealer and gave them a runaround, got them to deliver him a V12 Vantage to fool around, didn’t take the car. Said he’s doing his MBA instead, will buy it “as a prize to himself later if he gets in.” (PS: he said if he didn’t get into MBA, he’ll buy a Honda Civic to “punish himself”... I was lost at words.)
  • Showed him the AMG GT, he immediately put a deposit on it, then retracted the bid saying he’s doing his MBA instead. I think this was around the time he bought out the ML as well.
  • Got in to his MBA, and he flew in between the States and Canada, so things died down a bit. In and out contemplating selling his ML and the E39.
  • Done his MBA, started bugging me again. Citing how his ML is a gas guzzler, brakes wearing out and cost a fortune to replace (no shit, Sherlock), so said he wants a new car, priority is fuel economy, and maybe “fun to drive”.
  • Begged me to loan him my 328i while it was hibernating, so he can “experience daily driving a manual”. I said no, and suggested starting small and more humble cars to experience what is fun to drive. He counter challenged me to find something for $400 a month. Me and my friend suggested various cars ranging from Ecoboost Mustangs to Acuras, or even CPO 3-series in the same range as mine, then he pretended he never said it.
  • Then another friend suggested him looking at a Tesla. Went to test drive it, and said he’s “underwhelmed”. Wants something more “sporty”
  • Suggested some CPO M4s and and year-end leftover new 440xi, didn’t seem to like them either, ranging from “not suitable for winter” or some other BS reason
  • Then out of nowhere, today told me he wants to look at 2017 MX-5 Miata.

I don’t know... continue suggesting other cars as his requirements “update”, or tell him to pound sand?

(True Story, I swear. To compensate for your time, here’s an Escala and a private jet.)

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