I know someone on carbuying has already covered this but I went into a little more detail.

G_Body_man's Mustang Track Pack post

reminded me, I want to know what the RPO code for the Track Pack option is. I think about this somewhat regularly, so, today I decided to figure it out. (Spoiler Alert: I didn't)

I ended up on cars.com looking at GT500's. Then I found this:


Which reminded me that Camaro ZL1's exist. I forget that they exist sometimes because I am not a fan of how the Camaro looks. But then I remembered that 580hp can overcome ugly. Kind of like if your significant other isn't especially attractive but their favorite hobbies are cooking amazing meals, cleaning the housing all the time, having a fat trust fund, and performing oral sex on you, while you eat the amazing food they prepared, in the spotlessly clean house they bought for you, with their trust fund money. They may not be the best looking thing in the world but you can overcome it pretty easily.

So I went back to cars.com and started looking at ZL1 Camaro's when it hit me, the depreciation on these things isn't quite normal car levels but it's pretty significant. I remember when the ZL1's came out. There were people paying the same $20-30K markups just like the Hellcat's now. I also remember when the GT500's first came out in 2006-2007 same deal with the markups. I haven't really noticed but I am sure the markups have continued with every successive generation release since then.

Without taking into consideration the markups just using the "price as tested" from the Car and Driver review I linked to above, the 2012 Camaro ZL1 sold for $56,795. Now you can buy a 2012 ZL1 on cars.com for less then $38K. So in 3 years they have lost approximately 30% of their value. That is without even haggling the dealer. Which might be hard because they will pull the old "it's a limited edition trick." But you should still try.


Using the 2013 GT500 in the reveiw, "price as tested" is $63,080. Guess what? You can find one on cars.com for less then $52K. They also have lost almost 10% per year just like the ZL1.

If the Hellcat loses 30% percent in 3 years BAM! 707Hp for around $40K I am sold. I can live out all of my Kowalski fantasies for $40K I just have to wait 3 years no problem there.


BTW, if anyone knows the RPO code for Track Pack Mustangs could you let me know? Thanks.