My poor fingers

Installed my trans go shift kit today. It wasn’t (that) hard, but it took forever and now I feel like crap. woo.

pleasantly clean on the inside. nothing a few ATF swaps can’t cure.


Look how crusty my vacuum modulator was. I am going back through the comments on my previous article and personally thanking whoever suggested replacing it.


Still gotta redo the pan seal (luckily the rebuild kit came with a proper cork one), and I didn’t change the springs on the governer because the instructional video didn’t show it, and I have no idea what I am doing. I may just not do it. still gotta change the tail shaft seal as well.

Lots of swearing was involved.

Tomorrow I am not doing much, because it’s going to rain and I have to pack for my trip. Moonrise festival! Probably just going to do some wiring prep.