Yo dawg, I heard you like slaloms

I must really love driving to get up at 5am and drive face first into the sun rise 2 hours out into the finger lakes wine country to play with the car on an old Army runway.


I got killed, I really need to just buy new tires. It was an oven of a day with 90°F temps. Morning went well, figured out the course and started getting up to speed. In the afternoon session my first run was the lap in the video, then my beat up OE tires boiled and got greasy.

Next lap I managed to make an Audi oversteer, kicked the ass out, caught the slide but tail whipped a cone. Third and Fourth runs were both a 1/2 sec slower as continuing to try and push the cooked tires harder just resulted in more sliding and buckets of understeer.


Still had fun, but if I want to put up a reasonable time I’m going to have to just say fuck it get new tires this year rather than next summer. These are dying fast.

Suppose the open question is do I just stick PS4S tires on the 20" Audi wheels (best thing that fits this oddball size of 255/30R20) and use them? Or buy some RE71R’s that fit my 19" Enkei winter wheels and make those dual purpose (track/winter) and leave the dubs for street use?

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