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Yo Dawg, We Heard You Like Boats...

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So we put a boat on your boat and another boat and another and another and 2 submersibles and a half dozen PWCs. Oh! And a helicopter.

The Damen Shadow Vessel is a versatile vessel specifically tuned to support superyachts, cruise vessels and to offer crew support. It provides:

  • Guest accommodation with own lounge and galley
  • Large accommodation for staff, security personnel and crew
  • Tank capacity for long endurance of shadow vessel and yachts
  • Huge deck storage for toys
  • Certified helideck
  • Safety standby for support, security and evacuation
  • Fire Fighting capabilities


  • Guest 6 persons
  • Crew 12 persons
  • Staff 42 persons
  • Cabins provided with Internet, telephone and satellite TV.
    Common areas include gym, lounges and storage spaces

That’s one hell of a toy hauler!!! Perfect for when you decide you don’t want a bunch of boats and pesky support staff cluttering up space on your next superyacht build.

Happy Friday Shippost.

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