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@1:14 in this video explains the wall. They apparently have started this project, and the wall is supposed to protect Monaco’s precious residents from the sound of the dredging.

It has nothing to do with safety, wind, prying eyes from boats, or better TV.

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WTF is this?

I almost didn’t catch it on the quali broadcast because the mural worked very well. What is this wall for?

I thought I was crazy, and just hadn’t noticed it before. So I started digging through archive. This is the first year for it.


FP2 - 2017 Look at the wall.
FP2 - 2016
StreetView - 2011


This is what’s confusing to me about it.

It doesn’t look strong enough to be a barrier. If it is, why is it taller beyond the circuit?

It can’t be for noise because there’s no one out in the sea to complain.

I thought maybe they were constructing something behind it, and put up the wall and the mural to make it look on TV, but that still doesn’t explain why they continued it beyond the circuit well past the grandstand.


Here’s a lap without the wall: (@1:26) [LINK]

Image because you can’t embed F1 YouTube videos

Here is a lap with the wall: (@0:33) [LINK]

Image because you can’t embed F1 YouTube videos