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Yoink, and Yoink

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Been looking for The Balvenie Peat Week for the last year but this one will do.

If you’re unfamiliar with Douglas Laing’s Regional Malts, it’s a line of blended malts (no grain) with each one representing the character of a Scotch whisky region. All bottled at 46.8% with no chill filtering and no color added, and all come in a beautiful tube container to boot.

Illustration for article titled Yoink, and Yoink

From left to right: The Gauldrons (Campbeltown), The Epicurean (Lowlands), Timorous Beastie (Highlands), Scallywag (Speyside), Rock Oyster now rebranded as Rock Island (Islands), Big Peat (Islay).


All are very affordable. To give an idea of cost, The Whiskey Exchange sells them for 50 USD. The Gauldrons will cost about $15 more. I also have an insider tip that the price will be dropping soon to be more competitive.

I’ve had all but The Epicurean (and don’t really feel the need to) and ironically the most popular, Big Peat. All I’ve had were excellent.

There are age statement versions but I wouldn’t advise dropping the extra cash. Maybe it’s just me wanting a whisky that’ll wake me up in the morning, but I also feel some character is lost. There are Cask Strength versions too. Grab these like there’s no tomorrow.

Back to the one in the lead photo. It’s a blend of all these blends. So in essence this is what Douglas Laing thinks best represents scotch in general. Limited to 5000 bottles. The tube on this one has a collar to rotate. Neat!


I’m going to wait to open the Balvenie until winter, but The Regional Twist will probably be opened tonight.

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