You Have 3 Hours to Bid on This Staircase Truck

Tired of using a rope ladder to get to your treehouse? Unsure of the best finishing touch to your Arrested Development-themed party? In the next three hours, you'll have your chance.

This week, in GSA Auction Watch, we present to you the opportunity to own a 1982 Ford F350 staircase truck. As of this posting, the bidding was up to $1,431.00 with only 9 bids. You know in your heart that the opportunity to enter the second story of your house without seeing the first is worth more than that.


Forget that this thing is probably too tall to function on most public roads. You need it.

Now get to bidding.

EDIT: The bidding has ended at $1,974. Someone got a sweet deal on an 11K mile F350.


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