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You AMG Too Much, Benzo!

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Seriously, you only get two trims now considered Mercedes-“Benz” for each model. However you get your AMG-lite with the 43 models. Your regular M-competiting AMGs are the 45 and 63 models (though the next 450 hp straight six E-Class will be the AMG E50). Then you have your AMG “S” models, followed by the AMG “R” models. Now they are saying we are getting an AMG “RS” level and “Black Series” is still on the table!


I’m telling you all that 75% of Mercedes will have AMG designations before the decade ends. Then remember that Maybach trims will use AMG engines and I think you see that Benz is dead. Long live Mercedes-AMG and Mercedes-AMG Maybach.

How do you feel about the base C300 becoming the AMG C30 / C33 next refresh? No more 3-digit Mercedes vehicles unless they are a Maybach?

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