You are not a true auto enthusiast if....

You haven’t watched Best Motoring International, or whatever other names it goes by. Basically its a Japanese car show hosted by a crop of extremely experienced Touge drivers.

You will soon learn that he is a fucking legend
You will soon learn that he is a fucking legend

“Some of the regular hosts/drivers included the “Drift King” Keiichi Tsuchiya, Manabu Orido, Juichi Wakisaka, Akihiko Nakaya, and Naoki Hattori.”

It is also special in that during driving segments they usually show camera views of the drivers footwork as well as regular camera views, and allow you to hear the actual cars rather than mostly commentary.


You may be concerned, as the show is in strictly japanese. This is not a problem however as there is not much content that requires language. You mostly just watch them drive tuned care extremely skillfully in various challenges and comparisons. Basically, its the shit.

Heres a short clip of a supercar battle they did, one of the more stock and more expensive car tests theyve had.

And in terms of full episodes, my favorite is Fuji Fast, where Tsuchiya San breaks his old touring car record in a recreated version of his old touring NSX. He ends up beating the record on one of his warmup laps, and ends up destroying it by a couple seconds.

If you are just now getting hip to this, there are literally endless episodes on youtube and it is so entertaining if you like just pure driving and sound rather than a pseudo car comedy reality tv show.

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