A lot of us from the Midwest and elsewhere in the US got a taste of real arctic weather today. This hypothetical trip is from the Midwest of the US to the arctic circle in Alaska, tomorrow. Assume not all roads along the way will be readily plowed. List any possible mods to the vehicle, if any. I'm pretty sure there won't be many gas stations along the way, so factor in space for jerry cans (where ever there's room) in addition to room for food, clothes, and personal hygiene stuff for a few days.

Sure, a Merc G-class SUV would be an easy answer, but to keep it slightly interesting I would say this setup right here with: Body cladding so the paint doesn't get too bad. A pair of Hella rally-type fogs up on the grill. XT Limited swap, so it has the turbocharged 224 hp WRX motor (more power in the cold!?). For the most important part, Bridgestone Blizzak tires. All set!


2nd option would be a modern Land Rover Defender... IF WE HAD ONE IN THE US!!1

What would you take?

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