You Asked Parshletter Questions, So I Answered Parshletter Questions

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Photo: Stef Schrader

I didn’t quite expect to get questions this personal for the first parshletter, but since you asked, I opened up about what I’ve been going through lately, and how much it sucks. Also, I demand that the World Endurance Championship Se-bring us all 1,000 miles, and rant about car colors. Parshletter No. 1 is here!


This is the example post of shenanigans to come for anyone subscribing to the parshletter, hence the public post. I’ll probably have Parshletter No. 2 (huh, huh) later this week, anyway.

Things have been bad, things are still bad, and I can’t imagine things getting better, but we’ll see. Weirdly, it felt good to get that out in the open. Suffering alone hasn’t helped, so I guess it’s time to let everybody suffer with me! (Just kidding—for the love of all things poly-fil, I certainly hope you’re doing better than I am.)

In the meantime, at least the 944 runs pretty well.

I’ll be posting all the places where my work appears up on the parshtreon page as public posts, so bookmark that if you’d like to keep up with my latest work. Alternately, folks can subscribe here to get that list sent directly to their inboxes, or get the parshletter, other fun posts and other amusing things on top of that in exchange for a little more cash. It’s all explained on there, if you’re that interested.


Anyway, thanks again for the questions, and enjoy the parsh!

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