You Bunch of Cry Babies!

I am a car guy, we here are car people, most of us, and included in that ecosystem are super/hyper car fans, wagon boyz, Jeep, off road and overland enthusiasts and any number of other car/truck/bike and internal combustion/electric and even solar powered vehicle fans.

Regardless of what your specific interest is, there is one thing that ties all of us together: Racing! Whether it is traditional man vs man or against the clock or whatever type and style you’re passionate about, racing and competition is what we can all rally around.


Today, after reading this on Jalopnik, I just had to say something.


Vettel made the mistake and he alone is responsible for the price he paid. Don’t for one second try to bullshit me or anyone else that he didn’t know exactly what he was doing. He knew exactly where Hamilton was and he tried to block him, plain and simple.


I understand why Ferrari fans are upset and I can accept their BS but I have no respect for them. Ferrari has been on the right side of the stewards/FIA rules for decades and I swear the term ‘Special Treatment’ was coined way back when to describe Ferrari’s relationship to F1, the FIA and the powers that be.

And let’s be honest; give Vettel the win and the points: it will not make a lick of difference at the end of the year. Hamilton will be champion again and MB will win the constructors title, again, because they deserve it and will have earned it.


There are only a few reasons why you would disagree with the steward’s decision: one, you’re just a huge Ferrari fan. Two, you hate Hamilton and or Mercedes. Three, you’re an idiot.


Ferrari had the car to win on Sunday but their driver made a mistake and he cost the team the victory, not the stewards. A little perspective, history and honesty goes a long way. It may seem boring that MB and Hamilton keep winning but it really means that the rest simply are not doing what it takes to dethrone the champs.


Hmmmmm,,, isn’t that kind of like the Schumacher Ferrari era. How quickly we forget.

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