You Can Buy A Used Alfa 4C For The Price Of Two New 4C's / a F-Type V8

Alfa Romeo's new 4C is sexy, loud, fast, and pretty much everything else that you want in a friend with benefits. I know it, you know it, and Alfa knows it - that's why they use sex to sell it. And for the reasonable price of $53,900, you too can experience all the arthousey backlit bedroom antics you want.

You can spring an additional $15,000 to get the crazy stalker that yells when you forget to call her the next morning, ahem, Launch Edition, which gives you all the extra go-fast and look-the-part bits that you'd imagine buying for your car - if your car was a sexy lady, and Victoria's Secret sold carbon fiber mirror caps.


That said, I can't imagine anybody in their right mind - even rich people have a sense of money otherwise they wouldn't be rich - to pay almost double the retail on a car that is...

  • Used, but still in production
  • Doesn't have all the optional equipment
  • Isn't a unique serial number (like #1 or 100)
  • Has about the most cookie cutter exotic car description you can think of, no seriously

But more power to you if you want to, because there's a dealer right now that has a used 4C LE listed for $118,950 Or, the list price of two new 4C's, or a new 4C LE with a remaining carbon-fiber-lingerie budget of about forty grand.


I will be taking my "buy fancy car so I can get sexy ladies as friends with benefits" money and shopping elsewhere, sir, like any one of the dozens four Alfa Romeo dealerships in Ohio, all of which are just down the street from me more than 100 miles from my house, each of whom have many at least one, thank God I was stretching there 4C in stock.


Alternatively, I could buy this F-Type V8S convertible which is listed for sale less than an hour from me, and still have twenty grand to spend. Which is like having a British glamour model (take your pick which one) as an extended fling, and then also being able to go buy her all the carbon fiber lingerie you could want.

theandysho : My name actually is Andy, by the way - I am your typical dorky late-twenty-something, and I travel the United States for work during the week. On the weekends I mess around with cars, videogames, and a dozen other hobbies I try to find time for. I occasionally author posts on Oppositelock and usually they're kinda cool... follow along and see where I wind up.

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