You can embed Kinja comments in a Post...but how?

I was reading an article on Lifehacker today, and I came across something interesting: A little bit less than halfway down, the author embedded a comment in her article. The article is from ‘13, so maybe this functionality has been removed. If so, that’s disappointing, because it looks really slick. I lifted the source code directly. Going to see if it works. I assume it will not, since I’m just pasting into the HTML editor here:

Edit: In the visual editor, I’m able to see it. Upon hitting ‘Publish’, though, I lose the content


Edit 2: I’m a dumbass and gave it waaaayyy too much thought. It’s as simple as pasting the link into the body, as Daily Drives a Dragon suggested. Why in the world don’t they do this on the FP with COTD?

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