BUT... with the new and "improved" oppo I've suddenly got about 1/4 of my screen empty on both sides.. Most if not all computers now have a 16:9 screen, not a 4:3. So why not make use of that? The "top stories" part could and SHOULD be on the leftmost quarter of my screen. As of now oppo looks like a video shot in portrait mode... and we ALL know how much of an abomination THAT is. How a webmaster of modern days (anno domini 2013) can allow a page to NOT fill my entire screen.. well, that is something I can't quite fathom. Perhaps there's a reason, but if that's the case that reason is way beyond my comprehension.

Edit: I've got some other issues as well. Why must I now go to my own blog if I'd like to edit something I wrote? And what happened to the tags we all love? I'm not bashing on this just to bash. BUT, everything i feared about the new and "improved" oppo have turned into reality.. it's not an improvement, it's made things worse. The reason I no longer visit the FP is because the format of it is.. well.. there's no better word for it than SHIT.. now it seems oppo has suffered from the same travesty.