I’m sorry, but WHAT?!?

For those are you have nothing better to do and have read the front page, you know today is the day you will never have to turn your head again after buying a new car*.

The quote in my headline is from the article linked below. The woman ran over her child, which is just terrible. But I’m sorry, how can a person not take the blame and instead put the onus on the manufacturer for not adding yet more equipment, especially when all it takes a simple motion of turning your fucking head and checking your mirrors?!?!

The laziness of people is just insane. And the stupidity. Whenever I move a car in or out of my garage, I make sure BEFORE I move that I know where my cat is. Much like small children, they’re sneaky little bastards and they don’t know any better. So I will NEVER move my car if I don’t know where he is. If I had a small child I would do the same, and I’m going to get on my high horse and wonder how actual parents don’t do the same thing.

*I was being sarcastic. It may be obvious, but it should also be said, turn your head when baking up. A backup camera is not the only solution.

Edit: let me clear, I’m in no way saying backup cameras are bad. What I am saying is that people like the women in the article are fucking nuts if they think cars are absolutely, 100% impossible to see out of, and only if she had a backup camera then her daughter would alive. Technology should not take the place of common sense, or personal responsibility. Someone could still run over their child if their careless and don’t secure them before backing out, and a camera won’t do a damn thing to prevent that.