That's the message that resonated with me after seeing this new spot from Fiat.

The first half of the ad could be an intro to a SeaWorld commercial. Beautifully majestic orcas swimming alongside a fleet of Fiats enroute from Serbia (where the 500L is made).

The second half of the ad, while filled with beautiful people, has a gag line that kind of makes you gag.

Why? Because...

Bikini-wearing girls piling out of a car: sexy.

Bikini-wearing girl piling out of a car, scratching themselves, then panning to a crab, a creature that shares its name with a sexually transmitted disease: not sexy.


They could have used a jellyfish, starfish, teenage Nemo even or even that creepy friend of SpongeBob's, Squidward. But a crab, really?

Moral of the story (listen up ad people): People scratching near their private parts should never be followed up by a shot of a crab, ever.