Last night leaving town I almost rear ended some yahoo who thought slamming on his brakes to change lanes was a good idea.

Here’s the general set up. Half circle on top is a round about, right side of the picture is north.

The big yellow blob is a school bus, Black is yahoo, and grey is me in Fiona.


As I got to the round about I saw a black SUV who had been riding his brake for awhile, but not really slowing down. I assumed that the SUVs was just preparing to go veeeery slowly through the round about as most people do.

As I approached I slowed down to the 45-50 the black SUV was doing, but then it suddenly slammed on the brakes.

I nearly hit it, ans then it’s right blinker came on. Turns out this yahoo wanted to go north, and Decided he HAD to get behind the school bus to do it.

There was at least 2 better options.

1. go through the round about, but stay in to until the north exit.

2. Speed up pass the bus, and get into that lane, which he/she had plenty of time to do.


3rd option is just keep driving east until you find a place to pull over and figure out where you’re going. This is a lesson that I’ll admit took me awhile to get, but missing your exit or a turn is NEVER worth doing something dangerous. Just keep driving and figure it out later, worst case scenario you’ll be a bit late. 

The lesson is slamming on your brake to change lanes is not an option.