You Can Take an MR2 On A Holiday

When I traded 300ZX to MR2 looking for something more nimble, the trade-off in space was playing on my mind. No I didn’t really use the 2+2's rear seats, but when driving to Adelaide for the week the large boot and seat space really came in handy - you can see how well loaded the car is in the pics. Could we pull that off in the much smaller MR2? Could we even go on roadtrips at all?

Room to spare!

The answer is yes. 3 nights in Lakes Entrance was not a problem. We didn’t pack especially light, but we managed to fit everything. The trunk at the rear is big enough for a few bags, and the frunk can take a few small ones too. Nothing in the cabin.


This makes me very happy. I like the design of the MR2. I think it’s just practical enough that you can drive it every single day if you like - unlike the 3rd gen Spyder which has virtually no storage space at all. It’s easy to drive, great fun, and suitable for 99% of my trips if not more. I wish more people owned smaller cars like this and had more fun, and I’m glad the MR2 is doing its job.

Interestingly, we bought some butter and I put it in the frunk because the trunk tends to heat up from the engine a bit. The butter melted. Not sure why the frunk was so hot, but I won’t make that mistake again...

I was up late the night before we left making sure the car was clean for the 400km drive. It rained all day, the car got filthy. Le sigh

On the way we followed some signs and made an unscheduled stop at the Trafalgar Holden Museum. I’ve been lucky enough to see the Efijy concept once before, but it’s beautiful and I was overjoyed to see it again.


A Holden hearse with a Ford coffin in the back. Bit of Australian humor I guess:


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