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You can view our inventory, if you give us your info...

Are you looking for a used Optima, maybe a brand new Sedona for the family, or just to check if the Stinger is in. Well too bad for you if you want to see if it is at this Lawrence, KS Kia dealership.

While most dealers don’t mind if you aimlessly browse their inventory, this one apparently doesn’t want to leave any customer unmined. Sure it claims that they have this wall is to keep competitors away from their web design and incentives (even though most dealers use similar web developers/templates), but it is obviously just a front to get your name, email, and phone number so that they can destroy your phone. I especially like the anti-spam stickers, and that once you fill out the info, you can only view their inventory for 30 days.


This better not be the future of dealer’s sites. Cars.com, Autotrader, etc. are good work-arounds, but sometimes it is nice to verify availability and pricing on a dealer’s site.

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