While you were reading Jason’s piece about the Facebook page dedicated to bad Dallas-area drivers - perhaps at the very same time, even - Facebook itself removed the page after a WFAA Channel 8 piece about the very same topic - or perhaps Jason had a hand in it and WFAA just wants to steal all the credit.

Pete Turner, who you’ve also read about from Jason’s piece, claims the page was taken down by Facebook without warning, according to the WFAA article.

“Once the dust settles, I’ll start a new one,” quotes WFAA Channel 8. As Facebook likely took the page down due to some interpretation of TOS violation, it’s quite possible such future attempts at “You Can’t Drive, Dallas” will also be taken down. One has to wonder what kind of cat-and-mouse game Turner plans in defiance of Facebook, or if he’ll migrate to a new social media service.