when we last left off, I was dying a slow death

after a late night thrash I finally got it all* back together


*all - except all the things that don’t work

So what’s better?

  • I have all the internal components for A/C
  • I have all the buttons for controlling various power features such as mirror and cruise control

Uhuh, ok, and the honesty of the situation?

  • I have no radio, nor any speakers, nor any wiring to the speakers that don’t exist (I do have a bluetooth speaker jammed in the radio’s opening)
  • None of the power features (such as mirrors and cruise control) actually do anything as yet because I haven’t swapped over the engine or the fancier doors. And I therefore don’t know if they actually work.
  • Despite now having an A/C button that lights up, there is still no A/C. And worse, the heat/cold transfer door appears to be misaligned as I am getting heat when I shouldn’t be.
  • The dash back-lights aren’t working. I THINK it might be the swapped over dimmer control button is fubar. maybe. perhaps. fingers crossed.
  • The SRS light is on because the harness is expecting 2 airbags, but this car only has one.
  • The CEL is on because this harness doesn’t have connection for the VX’s added sensors.
  • The shift light no longer works. Which is fine, I ignored it 100% of the time. It’s just a side effect of the disconnected VX engine sensors.
  • Having swapped the steering column I now need one key to open the doors, and a second to turn the ignition.

Where to from here? I plan to drive it like this for a bit while I get the donor car ready.

  • Disconnect some warning lights
  • Transfer the fancier doors from the donor car
  • Get the donor car put back together inside, and get it running
  • Remove the donor car’s engine and front suspension etc. and clean them up.