I've been playing with online configurators for the last hour. I really like the blue longroofs. I think I'd take the BMW outi of all of them because I like how I can get it made so personally for me. Plus that blue with the red leather, while kind of ridiculous, looks gorgeous I think.

BMW: 328d, M sport, red leather, aluminum accents, black grill, cold weather package. $52,175

Mercedes: E63 AMG wagon, need I say more? $117,625

Audi: Kinda boring compared to the other 2. Still nice though. $51,100


Not included are the Subaru Outback and Volvo V60. Although I like the Outback, it isn't something I would like to own in its current iterations. I've posted about the Volvo before and it isn't available as the Polestar anymore.

Other than those not pictured, these are the only wagons currently available new for 2015 in the good ol' USA. I'm quite saddened by this fact. Come on, America!

What do you all think?