...tell this person she might be getting scammed. Here's the scenario: I have a friend who says she was offered a job managing the construction of a large motel 750 miles from home.

Facts: She has no experience in construction. Trades, labor or supervisory.

He has told her she gets a company truck along with other perks.

From what I have learned, mainly online, most jobs of this type require a bachelors degree in some construction related field. Some gain these positions after years of rising through the ranks, but not many.

Pretty sure she met this guy at a bar or at a party.

I hate to burst her bubble but she is getting ready to relocate 750 miles and has sold off a lot of stuff to make this trip. It just sounds like a scam to me and I don't know how to approach the subject with her without her taking offense. Anybody out there with first hand knowledge of what this position entails and do you think this sounds like a scam? Or good advice. Thanks and have a Shelby construction site limited edition.