First, this happened (525/630 - holy torque, Batman):

But then this happened:


Turns out that zip-ties can and do fail.

Less than a buck’s worth of plastic finally worked itself loose over the course of six years and 25,000 miles allowing part of the wiring harness to fall onto the two inch headers.

This, for obvious reasons, is a very bad thing.

And that’s how I wound up driving a nearly 55-foot long, twelve-thousand-pound Rig a full 1,477.7 miles over the course of 31-and-a-half hours.


Some highlights from the trip:

  • Thirteen miles-per-gallon
  • A gas station attendant commenting “you ain’t never done this ‘fore, haveya?” somewhere in northern West Virginia
  • A U-Haul trailer tire being changed via forklift after a couple guys stopped by - seriously, dudes just pulled up in a construction van, hopped out and went to work - and re-seated the flat tire so I could limp the two miles to the station.

It’s been a weird month.

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