Notice any similarity between these lounge chairs and Oldsmobiles classic groundbreaking 1966 Toronado?


The similarity is not accidental, this pair of vintage chairs was recently listed on ebay, the seller claimed that they were given to Oldsmobile dealers as part of the promotional material for the new 1966 Toronado.

The groovy relics from the Mad Men era recently sold for $1750 on ebay, I was considering them, but they sold before I even had a chance to make my mind up.

True that they needed some sprucing up, but where are you going to find another pair....

I could see potential Toronado owners relaxing in these at the Oldsmobile showroom, looking over brochures and options for their new big FWD prowler.


I’m surprised they did’t come with built in ashtrays.....

Even the tag on the bottom reads “Toronado”

These would be great for a late night Johhny Carson style show about it Toro Talk, the guest could sit in these and your desk would be the front end of a Tornado....I shouldn’t drink this early in the day.....


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