You ever see a car for sale and get nostalgic and want to spend too much money to bring it home?

Well that has just about happened with this E36 M3. I know it doesn’t have a real M engine, and is the least desirable US-spec M3; that doesn’t matter, I want it.


The car that turned me into a car person was a 2001 E46 M3, much like the one pictured. An uncle gave me a ride in his back in 2003 and I emerged a changed kid, that E46 did something special for me. It was alpine white with a grey leather interior, and I desperately needed one; however, this was preposterous as these cars were still very expensive. This caused younger me to drool over the much more affordable E36 M3.

I can’t recall if it was the fact that the sedans seemed to be slightly less expensive or if it was because it was because I preferred the sedan, but I wanted a 3/4/5 E36 M3. 3/4/5 being an M3 with 4 doors and a 5 speed manual. This is not a trivial fact.


When I finally had enough money to buy a BMW M car I basically ignored the E36, mainly because of the fact that the car is down around 70 hp on its European counterpart. I didn’t want to buy a watered down M car, but I wanted a white 4 door M car so much I almost spent way too much on buying one.


I eventually came to my senses and got one that wasn’t as expensive months later. That said, after 4 years of owing my E90, holy shit I want this E36 M3, more than likely because 14 year old me wanted one.

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