Have you ever seen someone and just felt the need to reach out to them, and missed your chance?

I was with a client at the shop today and saw a young woman walk by, didn’t look more than 15, with a guitar on her back and a meek countenance. She looked distraught and fragile, crying uncontrollably. I’m not really a “I just have a feeling” kind of person, but I felt powerfully that she might need help, real help, professional help, whatever. By the time I extricated myself from the client, she was out of sight. I grabbed keys and jumped in a car to look for her because her direction would probably have meant only a couple of streets she’d be on within a couple of blocks, but I didn’t find her and I feel like I failed.


Maybe it wasn’t anything deep, teenage drama, a hard guitar lesson, a bad audition, a stupid boy or girl rejecting her... maybe it was nothing, but maybe not. Maybe her family sucks, or she was suicidal, or thinking of hurting herself, or addicted, or hungry, or just needed a hug or somebody anybody to reach out and ask “are you OK?” and god damn do I hope she’s smiling and safe somewhere tonight, playing her guitar.

Don’t miss your chance, Oppo.

Car for your time.

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