I have a job. It has its pluses and minuses, but on balance, it kinda sucks. Between idiot coworkers, a bunch of bureaucracy like stupid online HR trainings I have to perpetually re-take, questionable ethics, long hours including some weekends, and low pay*, I’m looking to get the hell out.


(*I still have a comfortable income but the pay is low compared to what I was making before and what all the jobs I’m interviewing for will be in the range of.)

I live in Madison, WI and I grew up in the DC area, so I’ve been looking at jobs in both places. Within the next couple weeks I should have several offers coming through.

The wrinkle here is my gf. We live together. She hasn’t been working since she left her last job to take care of her dad who had lung cancer then died. She’s a mental health therapist and wasn’t sure about immediately going back to work in her field.


She lined up a part-time, just-a-paycheck job here in Madison. She also interviewed for a part-time therapist job which she hoped to do along with the just-a-paycheck job. But a few weeks passed and she didn’t hear anything back.

We agreed that in order to give myself the most options, I’d look for jobs both here in Madison, and DC. She was excited about possibly moving to DC, and wasn’t really tied down to a job.

But then....after I already started getting traction with opportunities in DC, she unexpectedly got a solid full-time therapist job offer here in Madison. The place that interviewed her for the part-time spot, gave that part-time job to a guy planning to retire, and offered his old full-time job to my gf. Really, too good of an offer to pass up. She starts her job on Monday.


I’ve had a few interviews here in Madison that look like they’ll offer me something, and I’ll be in DC end of next week for interviews there.

This means that depending on who offers me what, it might come down to me moving out to DC for a job while she stays here in Madison for a while. Then we’d do the long-distance thing and she’d move out there eventually. I’d rather not do that, unless there’s a particularly amazing job in DC. Some of the options here in Madison are solid enough that with them on the top of my resume, I’d have even better options in DC if I tried again in a couple years to move there. In the meantime I’d keep saving lots of money thanks to the lower cost of living.

But until I get these offers, it’s all up in the air. Overall it’s not a bad problem to have, but I’ll be happy once this is all settled.