Always wanted a proper Volvo wagon, but the 240/740/940 are getting a bit old and difficult to find ? Well, I have excellent news for you, because you can know visit your local CarMax dealer and ask for used 2005-2009 Ford Freestyle/Taurus X, and find yourself driving a 7-seater Volvo S80 wagon for the price of a used, unpopular domestic crossover. And don’t forget to ask for the warranty.

Welcome to Forgotten Classics

As demonstrated in the previous articles, the goal of this series of essays is be to bring cars that are getting no love back in the limelight. FC is also a thorough analysis of why such cars remained obscure and never got the praise they deserved.

Based on the D3 platform, also shared with many Volvo cars and the with the Ford FiveHundred, the Freestyle was initially supposed to be called CrossTrainer. Unfortunately, Ford wanted to enforce their naming convention which consisted in having all passenger car’s name starting with the letter F,all trucks starting with the letter E, all Mustangs starting with the letter M and all GT starting with the letter G.

Just as its spiritual predecessor, the Volvo 245, the Freestyle was not exactly a looker, but it was meant to be useful by maximizing cargo and passenger space while maintaining a proper car-like driving experience.


As you can see in the picture above, all seats featured Volvo’s “lumbar support system”, even the rear jump seats, which are reminiscent of Volvo’s famed rear facing cargo bay seats and are looking even more comfortable than your average Acura front seats.

Under the bonnet, the Freestyle rely on the same engine that powered the equally awesome Mazda 6 V6 Wagon manual, the 203 horses 3.0L Duratec V6 engine. 55% of all Freestyle were sold with the Haldex AWD sourced from the Volvo XC90, which is coincidentally the only Enthusiast-SUV ever made.


That’s a lot of excellent enthusiast’s DNA in a single car. The modern Volvo chassis goodness, the classic Volvo wagon spirit and Mazda’s dab of zoom-zoom all contribute to make the Freestyle/Taurus X and excellent vehicle for the proper wagon enthusiast.


The Freestyle was renamed Taurus X for its last two model years. Didn’t help much, as Americans clearly don’t like buying wagons, but putting an X in the name of a car is always a good way to lure “truck” buyers, so you are more likely to find a nice used Taurus X on the market.

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to own a truly special automobile at a ridiculous price !


Thanks for reading.