I’m a big proponent of things like “you get what you pay for” and “buy once cry once” but when OEM motor mounts are $40 a piece and all the aftermarket ones are <$12 I’ll take a gamble.

In this case, the RX-7 motor mounts (uses two) are $40 a piece for original-durometer, or $70 a piece for the ‘competition’ stiffer mounts. Meanwhile, Rockauto lists a few options, all in the $8-$9 range. Since it takes about 15 minutes to change them, I figured I would throw a set of the $9 mounts on, and if they failed in a few months, replace them again.

As I found out today, they don’t even make it that far - about half an inch too big in both diameter and thickness, they are on their way back to Rockauto (which I discovered doesn’t refund your shipping when the parts don’t fit so I get to pay $7 to learn these don’t fit).

Looks like it’s time to decide if I want to spend $80 or $140 for my motor mounts...