When it’s clear that there are many out there that think it’s okay to call someone an asshole, a dick, a bitch, or any other number of terrible things, well, that’s when you know the “community” is just another shithole on the internet. To those that think there’s nothing wrong with treating another person like shit, especially online, well you should be thankful that person behind that screen name isn’t a severely depressed person, because shit like usually pushes someone over the edge towards suicide.

I thought being done with public school would mean I would be done with horrible human beings who think it’s okay to bully another person. Well, I was proven wrong yesterday. Oppositelock is supposed to be the last haven on the internet. It’s supposed to be a place where everyone can express their opinion without being shot down. It’s supposed to be a place where someone can vent without someone calling them a fuckwit or some other combination of shit.

It was supposed to be a safe place. But it’s not. This is just another fucked up corner in a world of shit. The only difference between this corner and the world at large is at least I can shut this shit out.

I thought Oppo would be different. I’ve shut everyone else out, but I thought I could still at least talk to people on here. I took a break from Oppo for a few years and came back after I shut out every friend I had. I honestly believed this place was different. I really thought I could use this place a refuge from the shit going on in my life.

It turns out I was wrong, very wrong.

Mods: I hope you leave this up as a warning to those who feel it’s okay to tear others down. It would be a terrible thing if someone took their life because of posts from a small automotive blog.


National suicide prevention lifeline (1-800-273-8255) and online chat.