Update: Well...could be worse!

I opened up the MacBook and interestingly, as soon as I took off the bottom plate; it started charging. Hmmm.

I put some pressure on the charge port area, stopped charging. Hmmm..

Took pressure off, started charging. Hmmm...

I’ve narrowed the issue down to two things:

1. DC-In needs replacing.

2. Logic board needs repair.

I think maybe the computer was damaged the whole time and I just wasn’t paying attention. Now that I think about it, the computer should have achieved more than a paltry 4% battery after an hour of charging. Mmmmm, eBay buyer guarantee time!

I finally got around to looking over that MacBook Pro I recently got to replace that middle MacBook (black 2008). Well, it lasted for all of an hour...


The extension cord that I had the MagSafe plugged into violently tumbled to the floor, unplugging the MagSafe from the extension cord and making a neat electrical pop. Unfortunately for me, the computer only had 4% battery and it died while I bent over to plug the MagSafe back in.

I suppose this must have caused a power surge as once I plugged the MagSafe back in the charging light did not illuminate and the MacBook would not power on. Crap.

I tested the MagSafe on the other two MacBooks, so it’s fine. I even brought over my other MagSafe. It’s fine too. Double crap. So...uh, there are one of three things that happened:

1. SMC needs to be reset. Since the battery is dead and I can’t boot, I’ll have to get creative.


2. DC-In board is fried. Lengthy procedure, but no worse than an iPhone.

3. Logic board is dead. Ugggggggh, I’d hate to have bought this computer and waited a month for it to arrive (came from a 0 feedback seller) for it to work for literally all of an hour.

In other news, my mum is desperate to start her business and is trying to get a business loan. She wants to use two of the smarts as collateral. Yeah, no. Not. Going. To. Happen. Of course my mum would be back to trying to control me. I gotta GTFO as soon as my taxes come in.